Dev Finley

Chief Growth Officer, Partner

Dev Finley is deeply involved in developing client partnerships, creating new business opportunities, and ensuring operations of Godfrey Dadich.

Dev moved to San Francisco in the late ’90s to work at Lowe & Partners where he launched his career on the Sun Microsystems business under the mentorship of Patrick Godfrey. Looking to expand his brand experience, Dev spent the next few years at FCB San Francisco and Hal Riney and Partners working with Dockers, Sega, Esurance and HP. In 2003, Dev joined a newly minted Godfrey Q where he eventually led the Client Services function, overseeing partnerships and business development with brands including Dolby, Intel, Splunk, and Symantec.

Over the past few years, he played a lead role in helping Godfrey Q morph into Godfrey Dadich Partners. While continuing to oversee business development, maintain client relationships, and bring new clients aboard, he’s also helped shape the new organization, bridging the worlds of editorial and advertising, and making sure that every team member and project had the resources they needed. He’s played an instrumental role in architecting GDP's engagements with clients like Nike, Lyft, Lululemon,, the ACLU and IBM

When he’s not at work, Dev is likely working on something that involves traveling, skiing, or photography.